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Agent: Wang Cheongju art exhibition will be opened in Taiwan City, Taoyuan

Mr. Wang Qingzhou’s works show the harmony between human society and nature, sparked deep thinking on the nature of the universe universe, feel good, convey a new force, let people feel all the broad-minded.
The art exhibition: Wang Qingzhou
Exhibition time: July 1, 2017 to July 20, 2017
Opening time: 14:00 July 1, 2017
Exhibition City: Taiwan – Taoyuan City
Exhibitions: Taoyuan Sanxi a museum
Exhibition address: Taoyuan District Zhongli road two No. 168
Exhibitors: Wang Qingzhou

Collage looking for lost China art history in China

“Collage” and “combination” are usually regarded as very western and modern concepts, while Chinese painting has already been put into practice. “China: be an anachronism eight broken painting” held at the Boston Museum of art, dusty Chinese collage history and its philosophical return to public view.
When it comes to freedom, the bold use of everyday images, collages and combinations of art, one might first think of American artist Robert auschenberg (Robert Rauschenberg). In 1985, the works of Lawson and Berg were exhibited at the Chinese Art Museum, which produced enlightenment for the Chinese artists at that time, and prompted the rise of the “85 trendy movement”. “Collage” and “combination” of the debris of everyday images and the realization of visual illusion are now regarded as very western and modern concepts, while Chinese paintings have long ago been traced back to the late Qing dynasty. A “broken eight Chinese: be an anachronism painting exhibition opened in Boston Museum of art in the summer of 2017, dusty Chinese collage history and its philosophical return to public view.
Unknown artist, Untitled, 1900, paper banner, now hidden in the Boston Museum of art. Picture: Boston Art Museum
Eight broken paintings in Chinese painting history after several ups and downs, once almost disappeared, in recent years because of contemporary artists on the revival of techniques and collections of interest, renewed concern. The Boston Museum of art exhibition is by far the first on the eight broken painting Museum exhibition, which lasted 4 years of preparation, has more than 40 exhibits, including album, scroll, porcelain and snuff bottle, of which 32 pieces from the museum for the first time, for the public, other exhibits loaned from the United States and Asia museums and private collectors.
Eight broken paintings depict realistic remains of ephemeral culture with realistic techniques. Corner like literati table, broken pages, charred residue paintings, and tear Fateh, often appear in the picture letterhead. Eight broken the name to a proper extent generalizes the subject category, “eight” in the Chinese culture is lucky and auspicious symbol, “broken” on behalf of “incomplete” and “not perfect”, “broken eight” focussed on the not perfect things, “implies the potential to things. Avoid everything but the things”. The name of the exhibition in the exhibition are from Chen Bingchang (1896 – 1971) “the joy in the streets” (1945) works of seal “be an anachronism”, take the value of the expression of commendatory derogatory term, incomplete beauty.

Splendor: a community of native art

Date of exhibition: 2017.09.01 – 2017.09.10
Opening reception: 01 September 2017 17:00pm
Venue: No. three the Bund Shanghai Gallery
Curators: Miao Shiming, Shioka Akiko
The participating artists (in part): the little swallow, Hong Jiabao, Bi Changyu, Liu Yi, Bao Xiaolong, Qi, Li Jielin, Chen Yang, Xiao Qin, Nan Yuan Hang, cola, Sanmao, Miyashiro Ichiro, Guo xanthate, Da Yoshiko, Yoshizawa Ken, Okabe Ryosuke, Yang kakinuma, Motoki Ken, Sugimoto Tama, eh, to build a warehouse he Ming fung…
Original artist opening scene creation: name storehouse to make * Li Jielin
Lectures on native art:
At 14:00 on September 2nd – 16:00: Guo Haiping
At 14:00 on September 3rd, at 16:00, the speaker: Ann, Ping, Takeda Kazumi (Japan)
From the perspective of art history, these paintings, like nature itself sincere this exhibition belongs to native art (Art Brut / Outsider Art) category. The exhibition consists of dedicated to the mental healing art group of well-known public institutions WABC accessibility Yitu launched, combined with Japan Tokyo love, rainbow, and other ABLE ART hospital, Pingchuan JAPAN and other four important peer institutions jointly organized, for the public offer a visual feast of special groups native art.
WABC full name is World of Art English Brut Culture, it is because I believe that native art is very valuable wealth of human culture, can awaken people’s heart, make people re-examine and look at things around, there is a restart and return to the true effect. From the early “China found Van Gogh” to the recent “artistic expression of life, for the love of art of healing”, the practice of WABC although the slogan change adjustment, but its efforts paved with love and the color of the road has never change. Most of the original art exhibition Chinese works are from people in mental disorders WABC eight years of service, different communities they live in the country’s seven city, art therapy WABC more long-term participation and creation, exhibition to the “case” in the form of showcasing the artistic style of their. And through these artistic scenes, a unique story of life is vividly portrayed behind the case.

Xu Wei, Chen Chun’s representative works on display for the first time in Nambour completely open

Recently, sponsored by the Nanjing Museum, Tianjin Museum, Shanghai Museum, Suzhou Museum organized the Ivy Bai Yang – Xu Wei, Chen Chun painting and calligraphy art exhibition “opened at the Expo special exhibition hall.

“Ivy white Yang” — special exhibition of Xu Wei and Chen Chun’s painting and calligraphy art”

“Ivy white Yang”, namely the freehand flower and bird painting history “Ivy Xu Wei and Mount Taishan and the North Star Buddhist” “Bai Yang Da Chen Chun, who handed down the works number, has always been regarded as a national treasure, classical art, on the later Chinese flower and bird painting, even produced profound effect, lasting the whole Chinese painting the development of. Since the late Ming Dynasty until today, Chinese impressionistic flower and bird painting has been developing along their tracks. Chen Chun’s works without this pen ink flower leaves, looks clear, writing as Wen Ya Zhuo, ink dripping but body conditioning; Xu Wei’s works have boundless, one aspect, like all good draw paint everywhere make snap. The rise of Chen and Xu, in the painting is a huge change, marking the freehand painting from freehand freehand to the epoch-making development.

Chen Chun “Yan painting mountain map”, 55 cm vertical, horizontal 498.5 cm, Tianjin Museum

China’s art market as a whole declined significantly, the market is still watching hot money

Market choice
After four years of adjustment rhythm, the overall decline of Chinese art market in 2015 was obvious.
In addition to the big auction companies spring and autumn shooting performance fell together, small and medium-sized auction companies have many choices stopped shooting. In addition, according to the galleries, art fairs such as the feedback information, the level of market performance is not satisfactory, the basic market adjustment has hit Chinese art market.
The industry believes that this is the old buyers wait and see, new funds injected into the phenomenon of slowing down, and the 2016 art market “money king”, they are not optimistic. However, they expect that the art market will accelerate the pace of transformation, and the market choice is imminent in 2016!
The reporter Chen Xiaohong Cao, former editor Chen Yu
Two major imbalances in the art market
Inventory of the art market in 2015, there are two imbalances: the primary market and the two market imbalance; Chinese art market and the western art market imbalance.
First of all, the primary market remained active and prosperous in 2015. At the beginning of 2015, Hongkong Basel Art Fair for the first time in March as extension, achieved good market response, let Hongkong primary market area into a healthy active situation; and the mainland art fair, especially small art Shanghai will remain active, which is famous for two years prior to the “small but excellent” ART021 most active, completely abandoned the previous label in 2015, invited Gu Xuan, Tal Crossel and other high still have disappeared from the mainland Chinese Art Fair years international gallery giant, began to expand the scale of transformation and internationalization, re ignite new power to create contemporary art trading platform in Shanghai.
However, the deterioration of the economic environment is also affecting the primary market. As a veteran of the Shanghai art fair, exhibition gallery and sales declined significantly compared with the previous year. Reporters cultivating more than 10 years in the primary market gallery manager Nancy, she is ready to participate in the Singapore Art Fair luggage, she told reporters: “the 2015 market slowdown, March and October in Hongkong to participate in the Asian contemporary art exhibition, apart from sales good, the biggest gain is met several new customers.” She slightly worried, said, obviously felt the second half of 2015, business difficult to do, worse than in 2014. Although the cost of exhibition in foreign countries is relatively high, the effect is better than that in china. Like Nancy a market people running in the art fair, almost is a common phenomenon in the industry as a whole, but Nancy or in the Shanghai Art Fair was found on the new trends in the market, which is priced at four thousand or five thousand Yuan decoration works better sales. Visible, the primary market gradually appear inexpensive consumer products, and quite a market.
Secondly, the indicators of the two market continued to decline, and entered the 2012 market adjustment since the lowest point. In January 18, 2016, China Auction Association issued the blue book of auction industry in 2015. Ouyang Shuying, under Secretary General of the association who issued the report, said that in 2015, China’s auction market, from the turnover, turnover index and so on, the adjusted art auction market, still did not get out of the woods. Large auction companies turnover rate has declined, while the small and medium-sized auction companies have lost, or even stop shooting, the market downturn is still continuing. She believes that the Chinese painting and calligraphy plate auction performance decline, the overall auction market decline in 2015 was the main driving factor, the impact of the total turnover rate of 90.55%. While liquidity has shifted to the stock market, gold and some emerging industries, it has also played a direct role in the continued decline in the auction market.
In addition, “the East is not bright, the west is bright” may be the second kind of imbalance, that is, the western art market prosperity and the Chinese art market depression coexist true portraiture. In 2015, the two major sections of western modern art and contemporary art are still very active and prosperous. The published Christie’s, Sotheby’s 2015 performance report, you can see their overall auction performance continues to maintain strong growth momentum, such as the spring of 2015, Picasso’s “Algiers woman” for more than $179 million to create a global art auction record, “Jacques May Siti’s sculpture” is opened for more than $140 million the price has created a global auction record for sculpture. It is worth noting that, in this “ice and snow” market environment, Chinese collectors have also been involved in Western art collection. On the one hand, many big collectors who have attracted the attention of the market are also involved in the two most active sections of Western art. In the fall of 2015, Liu Yiqian, a famous Chinese collector, took Modigliani’s painting “naked girl on the side” for 170 million dollars (about 1 billion yuan). More and more big collectors, such as Wang Zhongjun and Wang Jianlin, are coming to the international market. At the same time, they have begun to pay attention to the “Pan Asia” collection of non-traditional Central Plains culture, which has been paid more and more attention in the international market”. Such as Liu Yiqian in March 2015 in New York, Christie’s “bloom of youth” Ann Siyuan auction, which sold for $4 million 869 thousand to Tibet in twelfth Century 11, copper yogi seated, refresh the Tibet statue auction record.

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